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Vitamix Models

Which Vitamix Model should you buy?

5200? CIA? Pro 200? Creations II? Way too many random meaningless names.

In case you didn’t recognize them, the above names are all different Vitamix models. There are tons of people confused about the difference between Vitamix models, and understandably so – many are similar except for one or two small differences. Further compounding the problem is that Vitamix also uses new model names for specific retail stores; these models may include a different recipe book, or different color options, but the actual blender is the exact same as a prior model. For example, the CIA Professional is the same as the Vitamix 5200 but was branded with a new name for sale at high end retail stores such as Williams-Sonoma and Sur la table.

So what do you need to know to determine the differences between Vitamix models? There are two main qualities that separate most Vitamix models: type of motor and speed settings.

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Type of Motor

The vast majority of Vitamix blenders use one of two motors. Most lines use a 1380 watt, 2.0 peak horsepower motor that was designed and manufactured in Sweden. While similar in horsepower to prior motors used by Vitamix, it offered superior cooling, which translated to better performance. This is often referred to as the ‘standard’ motor as it’s currently being used in the most Vitamix models.

Recently, Vitamix has begun utilizing an improved ‘next generation’ motor that offers higher horsepower (2.2 peak hp up from 2.0 peak hp) to use in its high end models. This allows the blender to use a wider container with longer blades for better and easier blending. Some customers have claimed that the wider container has the unfortunate side effect of making it more difficult to blend small amounts (under 2 cups) of ingredients, and that 3+ cups is recommended to ensure an easy blend. However, the new motor has the added benefit of being quieter than the prior motor; Vitamix has claimed up to a 40% noise reduction, and one customer actually measured the reduction at 34%, which makes their claims look accurate. Customers have also claimed this newer motor cools even more efficiently, with cooling fans activating on all motor speeds, rather than just when the blender is set to high speed.

All Vitamix motors offer overheat protection; if the motor gets too hot, it will automatically shut down. You’ll need to give the machine time to cool down, but once that occurs, it should be fine to use again.

Speed settings

Vitamix models have three different types of control panels:

First is the simple two-speed setting used in models such as the Turboblend Two Speed and the CIA Creations. Simplicity at its finest, it has two switches: an on/off toggle, and a high/low toggle.

Vitamix Two Speed control panel(click for larger picture)

Second is the variable speed control panel found in many models, including but not limited to the Vitamix 5200, Pro Series 200, Turboblend VS, Creations II, Creations GC, Vitamix 7500, Pro Series 300, and Creations Elite. It has a manual dial that offers variable speed as needed from 10 different levels. It also has a switch that allows you to swap between using the variable speed, or simply using high speed.

Vitamix Variable Speed control panel(click for larger picture)

Finally, the third option is a control panel that still has the manual dial for variable speeds, but also include pre-programmed presets that you can press once and the blender will execute the routine. This can be found on the Vitamix 6300, Pro Series 500, and Pro Series 750.

Vitamix Variable Speed with Presets control panel(click for larger picture)

Comparison Chart

This helpful comparison chart will quickly give you an idea about the details of a model. See notes below for more info on the differences between models.

Model Comparison
Standard Motor
Next-Gen Motor
Two Speed
Turboblend Two Speed
CIA Creations
Vitamix 5200 / Pro 200 / CIA Pro1
Turboblend VS
Creations II
Creations GC
Vitamix 7500 / Pro 3001
Creations Elite
Variable Speed
Dial + Presets
Vitamix 6300 / Pro 5001Pro 750

1 these blenders are the same model but come with different recipe books and color options


  • The Vitamix 5200 comes in many forms, but the only difference is the accessories and the available colors:

5200S – comes with a Getting Started Plus recipe book
5200 with Compact Container – comes with a 48oz container instead of the standard 64oz container
Super 5200 – comes with a 32oz dry grains container and a Whole Grains recipe book
Deluxe 5200 – comes with a 32oz dry grains container, a Whole Grains recipe book, a 32oz wet-blade container, four cutting boards, and three spatulas.

  • The Turboblend VS comes with a nut milk filtration bag.
  • The Creations GC has two versions: one that comes with a 64oz container, and one that comes with a 48oz compact container.
  • The Creations Elite comes with a 48oz container instead of the standard 64oz container.
  • The Turboblend and Creations lines have 5 year warranties instead of the standard 7 year warranties.

If you see other Vitamix models (such as the Vitamix 1710 Professional Series 500), the number likely refers to the color of the blender. For example, the Vitamix 1710 Professional Series 500 is a Pro Series 500 blender and the 1710 identifies it as a stainless steel color. Likewise, a Vitamix 1723 Professional Series 200 is the a Pro Series 200 blender and the 1723 identifies it as an onyx black color.