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NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System, Gray

NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System, Gray Rating:
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  • Effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables, and superfoods for nutritious protein shakes and green smoothies
  • High-torque power base and 600-watt motor
  • Power, patented stainless steel blade design with cyclonic action
  • Includes power base, 1 tall cup, 2 short cups, 1 flat blade and 1 emulsifying blade, 2 re-sealable lids, pocket nutritionist and manual with recipes
  • Includes 1-year warranty and access to hundreds of smoothie recipes

What is it?


A 600 watt blender marketing itself towards customers looking to make daily smoothies. Its sleek look is a visual advantage and its relatively small size is a benefit if kitchen counter top space is lacking. Includes two 18oz blender jars and one 24oz blender jar, both made of BPA-free plastic.

What we like:

The number one praise that we’ve seen from users is how easy the NutriBullet is to clean after using. This is largely because the blender jar doubles as your drinking jar, but the blade is also removable for easy cleaning.

Users have been impressed with how well it’s handled greens – lettuce, spinach, even kale. While some underpowered blenders leave chunks in green smoothies, the NutriBullet liquifies the greens and blends them in perfectly.

It’s closest cousin is perhaps the Magic Bullet blender, and the NutriBullet has a much more solid feel, as if it’s not entirely made of plastics. In fact, for it’s price point, the apparent durability of the NutriBullet is impressive.

What we don’t:

The blender jars are very small – you’re provided with 18oz and 24oz jars. That’s only 3 cups with the biggest jar! As some users have said, there’s really no point in them providing the small 18oz jars – you’ll always use the 24oz. Many have complained about leaking during blending, but it appears to be an overloading issue in most cases, which is understandably caused by the small blender jar.

Also, we haven’t experienced it first-hand, but we’ve heard from multiple users that the NutriBullet customer service is poor – really poor. Users agreed that it was disappointing to see a good product brought down by abysmal customer service. So beware if you get a unit that’s dead on arrival and you need to deal with the company directly.

By: Jellaluna

Where’s it made?


Should you buy it?

If you’re expecting a heavy duty blender, you’re probably buying the wrong product. In fact, the instruction booklet cautions that you should not blend for more than 60 seconds at a time. The compact design is perfect for specific jobs – making smoothies, quick shakes, etc.; however, it likely cannot perform any tougher jobs such as processing nut butter or mixing bread dough. The Nutri Bullet is perfectly fine (in fact, ideal) for smoothies and health drinks, but just be aware that it won’t be able to handle any heavy duty kitchen blending.

The size of the blender jar – only 24oz – is also a potential deal-breaker: if you’re making smoothies for more than one person, you likely need a larger blender.

However, what the blender can do – make individual smoothies – it does very well. Just respect the maximum fill line and be sure to tighten the cap snugly, and you’ll enjoy the easy smoothies. It definitely comes recommended, as long as you don’t have to deal with customer service!

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