Breville Hemisphere Blender Review

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender Rating:
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  • Permanent hemisphere bowl and blade system with central blades that draw down what's on top and wide sweeping blades hug the bottom of the jug
  • Electronic 5 speed control plus pulse feature ensure that the rpm speed is maintained for consistent results every time
  • Made from bpa-free, lightweight, superior clarity and shatter resistant eastman tritan copolyester.The blade design and high torque motor delivers quiet and efficient blending performance, while the contoured bowl design minimizes food traps and makes for easy cleaning.
  • LCD timer counts up on speed settings and down for pre-programmed settings for complete control when blending
  • Illuminated buttons for clarity and ease of reading

What is it?

By: Daniel Lee

A 750 watt blender with a 48oz, BPA-free, shatter-resistant, tritan copolyester (whew, that’s a lot of adjectives) jar and an LCD timer.

Breville Hemisphere BladesWhat we like:

The blade design! Most blenders have a space between the blade and bottom of the jar where food likes to get stuck, but the unique design of the Breville blades makes it difficult for the blades to miss any food. In fact, users have commented that they don’t even need a tamper because the vortex created by the blades works so well to drag ingredients down towards the blades.

The 750 watt motor is powerful enough to handle most kitchen tasks without trouble. It also will display an automatic warning if the motor is overheating, so if you’re using it for a particularly intensive task, it’s great not having to worry if you’re burning out the motor.

The price. While this might sound odd at such a high price point, many users agree that the performance and durability per dollar is exceptionally high compared to most blenders.


What we don’t:

The instruction manual warns that if you’re doing an intensive task such as making nut butter, you’ll want to use the motor in 10 second intervals, so you’ll have to stand watch and slowly blend up the butter rather than hitting a 2 minute timer and walking away. Likewise, it also warns that you shouldn’t leave the blender turned on for longer than 1 minute at a time to prevent overheating. A minor complaint, but potentially important if you plan on using the blender for a multitude of intensive tasks.

Also, a 48 oz blender jar is not exactly a negative, as it’s standard for most models, but the high performance of the Breville Hemisphere has it compared to Vitamix and Blendtec, both of whom offer standard jars of 64 oz volume.

Breville Hemisphere Control BlenderWhere’s it made?


Should you buy it?

This is possibly the most impressive blender we’ve reviewed. It’s hard to find any cons to the blender, unless you count the moderate price tag as a con, but given the performance you get for the money, it’s hard to even complain about that!

If you’re shopping for a high performance blender, you’ve probably seen Blendtec and Vitamix blenders before. These are the two brands that the Breville hemisphere compares closest to performance wise. It has a less powerful motor than Vitamix/Blendtec products (750 watts compared to 1380-1560 watts) and also has a smaller blender jar (48oz compared to 64oz, unless you buy a special jar from Vitamix/Blendtec). The place where you’d most notice the motor wattage difference is if you ask your blender to perform exceptionally difficult tasks, such as nut butter or bread dough or grinding grains. If you’re using it to blend smoothies – even thick or difficult smoothies including kale, ice, peanut butter, etc. – you’ll get similar results from both the Breville and Vitamix/Blendtec options. It doesn’t outperform the Vitamix or Blendtec, but it performs nearly as well for roughly a third to half the price.

It also comes highly recommended from Cooks Illustrated, who rated this Breville Hemisphere and the Vitamix 5200c as their top 2 blenders in terms of performance. They stress tested the blenders for a month with daily blends of kale, hummus, and ice and found that the Breville was still going strong at the end. Ultimately, they ranked this blender on top due to it’s much lower price than the Vitamix.

There’s not much more to say: Breville got it right with this blender. Take advantage of the great performance of a top-tier blender for a not-top-tier price tag.

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