About Us


Yes, we really like smoothies. With all the health crazes that constantly phase in and out, we feel one of the healthiest ways to improve your lifestyle is to get the health benefits of tons of fruits and vegetables in a daily smoothie. Not only is it extremely healthy and easy on your digestive system, it tastes great (or, at least, it should if you’re doing it right)!

But it was a nightmare when we tried to go blender shopping. Because we’re borderline obsessive-compulsive, we decided to make a spreadsheet that encompassed all the options. We were pretty shocked at how many options there were, and all the different features they boasted (which, in reality, are just endless marketing slogans that really don’t give you any idea how well the blender works or if it’s truly right for you). And don’t even get us started on how tough it was differentiating between some models – it seems like some companies just create new model names to make it seem like they have more products than they really do.

Buying a blender shouldn’t be a stressful life decision, especially if it’s preventing you from adopting a healthier lifestyle. We figured we’d make a smoothie and blender website to help everyone who wanted to start a daily smoothie routine but didn’t know where to start. This led to the creation of SmartBlenders.com. In addition to showing you all the blenders available in one easy to browse location, we also offer advice and tips to help you pick the blender that’s best for you. We aim to provide accurate reviews on the entire selection of blenders, so you don’t have to endlessly browse the web hunting for more blender options.

If our reviews helped you, please don’t hesitate to follow our links to the product pages. We do make a small commission off each sale they generate, which helps cover hosting and design costs.

We hope you both enjoy and find our site helpful and, as always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any comments, opinions, or suggestions at our Contact Us page.

Good luck!